Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist!

Hello lovelies! How was your day? Christmas is fast approaching and everybody's seems so busy. I hope you're done with Christmas shopping. Anyway, as promised here's my Christmas wishlist.

1. Blackberry Bold 9780 (white)

Of course iPhone 4S will be forever on my wishlist, but for now this one will do. 

2. iPod Touch

I love music! But I can't afford this just yet.

3. Play Station 3

Yay for gamers! I missed playing video games. My nephew's xbox got soaked on the floods before. :(

4. Canon EOS 1100D/ Nikon D3100

Any of those will do. I just want one.

And last but definitely not the least...

5. Macbook Pro

In any size. i3 or i5. *hehe*

As I've told you before, my wishlist is far different from my gift guide. As some (probably all) of the items here is very expensive that I can't afford. That's why they're on my wishlist. (forever) lol

Is there something that you wish to have this coming Christmas? Do share your thoughts. 


anney said...

Gusto ko din ng iPod Touch! Merry Christmas!

jen said...

hihi!merry christmas!:D

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