Thursday, November 17, 2011

Haul: Face, Nails and Hands

This one's taking so long to posted because I bought these items last Friday. Check it out!

Clockwise: bobbie top coat in colorless, nailtopia nail polish (I can't remember the number), BK cracking nail polish (also I can't remember the number), St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub, bench/ Alcogel Aromatheraphy Hand Sanitizer in Jasmine Blossom & Ever Bilena Brush Set

Reviews coming soon! :D


Sushee said...
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Sushee said...

That St. Ives apricot scrub really works well for me. I wonder where did you bought that crackle nail polish.. been eyeing for that for quite sometime now..

Thanks for sharing this sis! Love your blog! following you now! :)

jen said...

thanks for following sis!
i also followed you btw..:)
i bought the crackle polish at nailtopia's also available online..:)

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