Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mailbox!!! Lookie! I've got something!

Whoa! Can't believe December's already here! Such a long time no post. November has been such a busy month for us here in our office but I'm not gonna blabber it about here. Last Saturday, I've got something on my mailbox. Well, not actually mailbox, but doorstep rather. :) Check it out!

It's from Sugar Kissed! An online shop that carries chic and fashionable accessories! Check out their facebook account for more info. They have lots of cute stuffs and I can't wait to buy some more!

For my first purchase, I got a necklace and a pair of earrings

orange leopard-print feather earrings

It's a bit torned because it was stucked inside my bag and I forgot about it but otherwise, it was still wearable. :)

fringe necklace with leaf details

This one is my first choice out of the two. It is on sale the time I bought it! The regular price of their fringe necklaces was 500++. I chose this one because it's simple but versatile. And of course it is on sale. Haha! Talk about good deals. ;)

feather earrings - Php 120.00
fringe necklace - Php 450.00
shipping fee - Php 95.00
discount - Php 30.00
total - Php 635.00

I got these with discount of Php 30 (yay!). The next day, I deposited my payment to their bank account and I was charged of Php 50 because they're bank branch was located in Cebu. So yeah, I was a bit 20pesos over. Haha! But that's okay. The transaction was easy and fuss-free! I ordered the items Nov. 23, paid on 24 and received the items on 26. Looking forward for my next transaction :D

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