Monday, February 27, 2012

Review: San San Long Wearing Mascara

Hi lovelies! I'm sorry I've been such a lazy bum these past few weeks. Haven't posted anything for a couple of weeks and now the month is about to end. Spring is coming! No, we don't have spring pala. Haha! Summer is coming! Anyway, without any relation to that, I'm review to post a review. :)

San San Long Wearing Mascara in 01 (black)
I bought this a couple of months ago at HBC when they were having a sale. I didn't use it right away the time I bought it, but nonetheless it has grown on me. Now, I use this everyday or when at times I want to wear makeup. (I such a lazy bum! ;D)

The packaging is a simple metallic blue tube and has a print on the cap that says 'age defense'. I'm quite confused about it because is this going to make me look younger? Can a mascara make someone look younger just by defending their lashes from aging and make them less wrinkly? lol

The wand is a regular kind of wand. In my opinion, it delivers what it has to do. It catches my lashes nicely, and picks up/deposits the mascara well on my lashes. But because of its size, (its quite huge) I experience some minor problems like having mascara on my lids because whenever I try to load the mascara to my lashes, it always reaches my eyelids. But other than that, I have no other problem with this. I think I just have to practice more. :)

Here's the swatch on a tissue paper. It's a regular black. like an everyday kind of black. (well, if there is such thing!lol)
Moving on, here's the mascara applied on my lashes. I'm sorry I haven't taken any picture of my lashes without the mascara on but I promise that my lashes are thin, regular-length and straight like a typical Asian lashes. :)

*look! some mascara on my lids!*

As you can see, it does a good job on holding up the curl on my lashes. And it really stays that way throughout the day or until I take it off at night when I'm going to wash my face. Really! It's not waterproof but it's not smudgy and it doesn't budge at all. So no panda eyes at the end of the day! It sometimes apply clumpy but nothing a practice can fix. :)
The only downside of this is the scent. It smells like an old makeup. Not like an old expired makeup but more like a grandma makeup (you get the idea) and I just hate it! Luckily, it goes away with a couple of hours.

Pros : 
  • doesn't smudge, budge nor flake
  • holds up curls for such a long time
  • not clumpy
  • the packaging is simple and practical but looks cheap (the print is now fading)
  • the wand is useful and catches all of my lashes and does a pretty good job on applying mascara
  • incredibly affordable for Php 119.00-129.00 (not sure 'coz I got this for just Php 80.00 because of the sale)
  • I think this only comes in two colors (black & brown)
  • and the scent! 'nuff said!
Overall, this is quite a good mascara. If you're looking for an everyday use mascara, nothing more nothing less, you can just get away with this. It delivers what a mascara use to do nicely and bonus that it's affordable too!

Is there anything you own that you think is cheap but you've been surprised that it does a pretty good job that you said it is indeed a steal? Do share!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Moments

Just wanna share something!

Hubby surprised me with this. He said he wants to give me spin pins but can't find one from the store near us but can't go farther because its turning dark. So instead of spin pins, he thought of buying this. I'm not a cake person, I'm more of the ice cream girl, but I really appreciated his gesture. Those little things really do a lot! Loveeet! 'love you hon! thanks for this!'

But on the other hand, I really love to have the spin pins! Haha!

Jen <3

Bookworm: At last! Tattoo

Hi! How was your day I hope you're doing fine. :)
Monday started a bit off because it was raining since last night but at least the sun started to come out as the day went on. Anyway, I wanna share something that I've been wanting to have for the longest time but for some reasons can't acquire. Its not that I've got myself inked, but rather this..

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

I already mentioned on this post that I love reading but for some reason can't pursue that hobby or maybe because I don't know what book to buy. But at least, I've come up to this. And this one's on my list on what I'm looking forward to buy. I bought this last Saturday at National Bookstore for Php 299.00. I'm torn between this and The Hunger Games on what should I get because I only got Php 500.00 to spare. I decided to get this one and bought some fastfood for dinner from the change. :)

I'm almost halfway through it and I can say that it's AWESOME! Stieg Larsson is definitely a great story-teller! This is a must-read book. It's not your typical kind of fiction that the characters usually have superpowers/immortals and set on a non-existent place. I don't really hate those kinds of stories (I really love Harry Potter!) but I'm more on the fact-based kind of stories. I love those stories that can possible happen in real-life and set on a real place. Plus the main character is a girl! Talk about girl power! :)

Do you love reading books? What books have read already? And planning to read? Any recommendations? Do share! :)

Jen <3

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Purse Finds: Girly

Maude Shoulder Bag
Perfect for night outs!

Color Block Cross body

Scottie Embroidery Baby Fluffy bag

Neoprene Natalie Tote
Perfect for school. (really?lol)

Neoprene Baby Bag
Who says diaper bags can't be stylish?

Bring in the Sun Gen Y Zip Tote
Prefect for this coming summer!

Metallic Trifold Wallet
This has pink lining. Its so pretty!

LV Monogram Multicolor Insolite Wallet
(can't find a more decent pic of this)
I was actually looking for this because I saw this from Elle Fowler's What in my bag vid.. And when I did, I stumbled upon this..

Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Cosmetic Bag
Its so pretty I have to search for another one. Haha!

Marc Jacobs Wild Heart Cosmetic Purse

So am I going to purchase one if not all of these? Why, of course..
lol :p
Yeah! Because I'm that poor.. Haha! But I'm not really closing my doors. I may not be able to afford this now but maybe, just maybe in the near future right? Who knows, I will be able to afford not just these? (Chanel 2.55) If you're going to dream about something, DREAM BIG! It will cost you nothing rather motivate you to achieve something.

Take one step one at a time to reach your goals. Keep calm & carry on! :D

Jen <3

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Moodboard: Birthday

And because today is my birthday, I decided to post a Moodboard with the Birthday theme! :D

*photos are form Pinterest*

Happy Birthday to...



Yes! It's my 21st birthday today. Ugh! I'm old. lol Nothing much special today. I'm at the office right now (yes, I surf at the office) waiting for the food to arrive (from our house). My mother cooked it! Its the best! :D

We're going to have a small gathering with my co-workers here at the office. But I'm really hoping to have a celebration with my  friends at the house on Saturday night!

And because of this day, there are some things that I realized:

  • birthdays doesn't matter anymore when you're old (or is it just me?lol)
  • your friends, especially those that are true will come out of nowhere just to greet you, even those that are 'not-so-true', and those that are friends on Facebook but not really in real life/person
  • I'm legally legal now so I'll get imprisoned if I commit a crime (but I still won't if I was a minor lol)
  • having two kids at this age is very overwhelming (I'm actually contemplating to not have a baby anymore anytime soon)
  • I still don't have a wisdom tooth, does that mean that I'm still a minor?
  • I'm through from the young adultery stage and now an adult (boo!)
  • live life to the fullest now because the world will end at Dec. 2012 (kidding!)
  • great age, comes with great responsibility LOL

Notes to Oneself

1. Be MORE responsible

You're not a kid anymore, not even a minor. You actually have your own kids! Think of the consequences first before doing anything or making decisions.

2. Quotes to live by

*'nuff said*

3. Try achieve something one at a time

Don't rush things, enjoy the moment while you still can. Fate has its own time. And only God knows what's best for you and when to give it. Things happen for a reason so don't fret.

4. Set your goals

You're still young and you surely still want to achieve something don't you? Try to live your dreams by setting your goals and making it happen.

5. Take care of yourself

I understand you already have your own family but how can you say you'll take care of your family if you can't even take care of yourself? Take care of your family, but but take care of yourself yourself too!

My wishes is to have good health for me and for my family and still those that are in this post. It sucks that I still don't have any of those that is mentioned (boo!). 

This is taking too long and I'm talking nonsense so I'm gonna end it right here just about now. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Moodboard: Love Month

*love letters* 
Seriously? lol


Pralines from Paulene Chocolats. Definitely gonna try some!


I seriously wanted to try this outfit. Ugh! I love it to bits! The sweater, the dress, the boots! =.=

This is actually the picture that inspired me to do this moodboard. I really waaaannnttt that hairstyle! But I really want to have that kind of style on the day my church wedding. ~.^

*and the dream date*

I love movies! Especially rom-coms. This kind of date is my dream date! Simply romantic. <3

This moodboard is obviously inspired by the upcoming Valentine's Day! One week to go and we're gonna celebrate the Heart's Day! Much love everyone! :*

p.s. Makeup inspiration for Vday is going to be in another post. Stay tuned!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Review: Nyx Megashine Lipgloss in Beige

Hello there! It's already February! The Love Month and also my birthday month. Oh crap! I'm getting older. Anyway, as much as I wanted to, I didn't get to my promise to post regularly. :/ But hey, here I am now! With this review. Check it out!

Nyx Megashine Lipgloss in Beige

I've been hearing raves about these lipglosses online especially this particular shade! And so I've been dying to have one for the longest time (it's always out of stock/sold out) so when I had the opportunity, I grabbed it right away!

Shade: Beige - medium pink
Consistency: creamy
Texture: not sticky unlike other lipglosses but moisturizing, light on lips
Finish: opaque, glossy(without shimmer)

The wand is very useful. It picks just the right amount of the product but you can also control how much product you want.

*swatch on direct light*

*swatch on indirect light*

*ingredients list*

  • opaque and light on lips and not sticky
  • wide shade selection
  • moisturizing
  • very affordable (Php 199.00 from Starmaine Shop)
  • wand is very useful
  • not available locally
  • some shades tend to be similar and because of the wide selection, you may want to collect them all :)
Overall, this lipgloss is a very good quality for its price. Just like any other Nyx products/lippies. I love this shade that I've been using this every single day since  I got it.  I just wish Nyx will be available here in the Philippines.

Do you have any Nyx product? What do you think about them? Do share your thoughts! :)

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