Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ever Bilena Lip & Cheek Tint Review

Remember my haul post a few days ago? I did mention there that I'm going to review those items and here it is! Check it out!

Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Tint

It is housed in a tube-type black/clear container which I find practical as I can see how much product is left inside. The size can fit to the smallest purse or even to your pocket

It has a doe-foot applicator which I find hmm.. kinda okay :)

*that's my daughter reaching out for the tint..hehe*

As I've mentioned before, I got the shade Blush which is red in color (there are only two shades available for this, the other one is Bloom which is orange)

The formula is a cross between runny and creamy consistency which I find perfect it won't slide off easily when your applying it on your cheeks

It has a vibrant red color that can be blended out easily for an even coverage

It turns out to a rosy color that'll make your cheeks a looking flushed and healthy

*On my cheeks for about 9 hours without reapplying*

I've applied the product on my cheeks at 9am and almost forget about it. This pic was taken at 6pm when I got home. Yes it can barely be seen (by naked eye lol) but the product is still there. Of course it did fade away a bit but there still a good amount of color left on my cheeks. The staying power of this tint on my cheeks is awesome (btw I'm confined in an air-conditioned room for the whole duration of 9 hours) but on the side note..

*on my lips*

It doesn't stay that long as it did on my cheeks. Staying power lasted for about a couple of hours for the product alone and doubles when topped with a gloss.

Overall, I am loving this product as of now. The staying power is great. The product itself does too! The packaging is a hit for me as I can bring it anywhere/everywhere and it is a double-purpose product which is a big factor because I was like always in a hurry. This one make my face look healthy and glowing just for a couple of minutes. And it don't break me out also. It's fuss-free, multi-use and in good quality. And to top all that, it is very much affordable and locally available!

p.s. My problem now is, I've lost this one and I can't remember where I've put it. But I know I lost it at our house, I just don't have time to find it for now. :D

Do you use tints? Do you find them practical? If so, what brand are you using? Let me hear your thoughts! Stay pretty!:)


Noniek said...

I like benefit benetint, great for blush and lipstick.

jen said...

oh yeah!benefit!definitely gonna try that one!i'll go for mango tint..but this one's a good alternative!:)

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