Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tutti Frutti

Hello again! How's your day? I hope your having a good time because the weather is kinda crazy these past few days. While we're experiencing an incredible, unbearable heat of summer for the past few weeks, yesterday, it rained. It rained so hard like crazy. Luckily, we were inside the mall at that time and I'm having my haircut (click here). What a better way to beat that summer heat by having some Froyo!

Froyos became a big hit this past few seasons because it's healthy (yogurt, fresh fruits) it's refreshing and it's fun to prepare! I had my first Froyo experience at Tutti Frutti yesterday. Take a look!

Labor Day

Yesterday, I was able to find some time to have a haircut (finally!) because it was holiday. I was with my daughter and niece Irish and we headed to SM San Lazaro. When we got there we walked around for a while because I'm still undecided to where will I have my haircut. We saw the David's Salon on the lower ground but there were a lot of people waiting in line so we decided to have some lunch first at McDonald's. While we were eating, here's a pic of my hair when I haven't had my haircut yet. Lol

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Weekend Wander

Hi there! How's your day going? It has been super hot these past few days here that sometimes I felt like I'm melting lol. But it's okay with me because at the other side of the world, other people are freezing to death while a lot of us here are enjoying the heat of the sun and having a wonderful vacation somewhere.

Anyway, I just want to share what and where I've been to these past weekend. :D

Met with my old friend and classmate Lieca at MoA. We originally planned to meet up with another classmate but sadly, she wasn't able to come so it was just the two of us plus her boyfriend. It has been such a really long time since we last saw each other (oh how I missed hanging out with them) and I was really glad to hang out with her again. Nothing has really changed with her. Just the old friend I used to have. :D

I haven't had my lunch when I got there so we decided to ate at Burger King (sorry no pic). Then later on, we thought of hanging at another place. We searched for a cool, relax and cozy spot to chill out and have some drinks but Starbucks and Seattle's Best were all jampacked! We don't want to sit outside with no aircon. Again, we roam around hoping to find another place. I suggested White Hat to have some froyo but the store at MoA was small and the tables and seats were outside. We dropped by at Häagen-Dazs but then something popped-up from Archie (Lieca's bf) and we hurried ourselves to get there. Finally, the long search is over lol. We all decided to chill out at Swensen's. :)

We had Iced Green Tea (mine), Chocolate Ice Cream Shake (Lieca) and Iced Choco Latte (Archie). The Iced Green Tea is okay for me. It's actually nice! It has a bitter taste (bcoz it's green tea) but I stirred it and the whipped cream helped for it to taste better (I guess). Haven't tried their drinks but Archie said his wasn't that nice. 

Okay! That's all for now. I hope you have a great weekend guys! I wish this will happen again soon! 

What have you been to lately?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Summer Getaway!

Long time no post! And it's already last week of April! How's your summer?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Double Treat

Yesterday, March 23 was a very special to me and my family. It's my son's 3rd birthday and our 2nd wedding anniversary.

For my son's birthday, we decided not to throw a party anymore because we don't have much time to prepare for it and we don't have enough 'resources' for it too! lol So we opt to have some bonding moments with our little guy and we went to Malabon Zoo last Sunday. The last time I went there was when I was 4-5 years old. Can't believe it was so long ago.

I supposed he enjoyed the trip to the zoo because unlike the other kids that was there, he was not scared at all. He was rather willing to walk around to see the animals and I think he was fond of fishes (?) We got home early because his cousin was having his birthday celebration.

Yesterday is the actual birthday but we can't get home early because of work. I got out at 5pm so we just bought some food and ice cream and cake and had dinner at home. Hubby can't go home yet because he has some work to finish so we didn't wait for him anymore and ate already. lol We just waited for him but Johan is already sleepy so he got to bed and didn't wait for his Papa anymore.

When hubby got home I'm surprised that he got something for Johan. He didn't told me about it. He didn't told me that he was going to buy something for our son. Anyway, I'm glad that he did because I'm pretty sure and we're really sure that the kid will be happy about it because he love Cars (the movie) especially Mcqueen and Mater. I brought the toy into the kid's room and when I came back, that's when I was really surprised. 

Hubby bought flowers to give me for our 2nd wedding anniversary. My heart skipped a bit! lol But seriously, I almost forgot about it. (sorry hon!) This was not really the first time he gave me flowers (it was second). The first one was for our 1st wedding anniversary and it was even not a bouquet but I appreciate it! Though we didn't have a grand celebration for the two occasions and we only had a simple celebration, I was really happy and I will cherish all the moments with my family. Little things are the sweetest!

p.s. I already got to taste Selecta Magnum yesterday (it was launched here only a few weeks ago and I was kinda late to try it). I didn't enjoy it that much! But I think its because I bought the chocolate truffle flavor and I wasn't able to try the other flavors yet so I just gave the other half to my niece Rhian. But I'm going to try the other flavors next time. :D


Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Perks of Working in a Family Business

Hey there! Can't believe how days have past by so quickly that we're already on the 3rd month of the year! Summer is fast approaching ('cause we don't have spring here, though I wish we have ;D) and I'm looking forward for future summer vacations/trips of the family. Anyway, last March 1, I celebrated my first year of working in my sister's business. My work isn't a hard kind of work. No need for a talent for arts or whatsoever, it is indeed composed of confining in an office and Facebooking the whole day. lol Kidding aside, my work consists of keeping files and records of our projects and monitoring our status and answering occasional phone calls from clients. Okay! I'm gonna stop it right there 'cause I don't wanna bore you with it. Somehow, working in a family business have some perks in it. Here are some of them:
  • when you're working in a family business, there's a great chance that your co-workers are members of your family too
  • when you go to work, you see your co-workers. when you got home, there's your relatives. And your co-worker and relative is not two different persons
  • when you have a personal problem, your co-workers will always be aware of it and there's nothing you can do to hide it from them
  • when you're having some misunderstanding with your co-workers, you can't just forget about it when you got home because your co-workers is at home too, in the form of a relative. haha!
  • you can't get to see new faces everyday when you go to work
  • in addition to that, when your workplace is just a 10-minute drive from your home, you don't have a chance to see other places rather than your neighborhood and your village
On the contrary, there's always a good side in everything. Here it is:
  • when you have your sister as a boss, you can speak out your opinions to her easily because hey, she's your sister!
  • you can suggest/discuss some things to your boss even if there's no meeting going on and your just at home with them
  • you will not experience any hassle when you request for a loan or things like that when you badly need money because they will be the first one to know why you need it and there are actually times that you don't have to ask for it because they will help you willingly without hesitations
  • some bad and awkward moments can be easily forgotten because you have to act professionally when you get to work (no personal disputes allowed)
  • when your workplace is a 10-minute drive from your home, you will rarely experience hassle even when commuting, and a less chance of having a travel-misfortune: i.e. got your head/arm/leg stuck in a closing LRT door (gross!) or got stuck inside a train full of people and can't get out that cause you to be super late for work lol
  • in addition, you don't have to wake up super early and you'll have more time to sleep in the morning. yay!

*the door of our office w/ no relation to the content lol*

I just want to clear things out, I am not in any way or another complaining about the nature of my work. I actually like it and have no intentions of leaving my position. I'm just stating facts based on my experience and my opinions about it. So this post is really just for fun. This is just for my first year at work and I'm looking forward for more years for me at this job (and a higher salary I hope :p) And I'm wishing that my sister's business will continue to grow and flourish and expand. For now, let's have a toast in the middle of a bright sunny and HOT afternoon! Cheers for the progress and higher compensation! LOL


Monday, February 27, 2012

Review: San San Long Wearing Mascara

Hi lovelies! I'm sorry I've been such a lazy bum these past few weeks. Haven't posted anything for a couple of weeks and now the month is about to end. Spring is coming! No, we don't have spring pala. Haha! Summer is coming! Anyway, without any relation to that, I'm review to post a review. :)

San San Long Wearing Mascara in 01 (black)
I bought this a couple of months ago at HBC when they were having a sale. I didn't use it right away the time I bought it, but nonetheless it has grown on me. Now, I use this everyday or when at times I want to wear makeup. (I such a lazy bum! ;D)

The packaging is a simple metallic blue tube and has a print on the cap that says 'age defense'. I'm quite confused about it because is this going to make me look younger? Can a mascara make someone look younger just by defending their lashes from aging and make them less wrinkly? lol

The wand is a regular kind of wand. In my opinion, it delivers what it has to do. It catches my lashes nicely, and picks up/deposits the mascara well on my lashes. But because of its size, (its quite huge) I experience some minor problems like having mascara on my lids because whenever I try to load the mascara to my lashes, it always reaches my eyelids. But other than that, I have no other problem with this. I think I just have to practice more. :)

Here's the swatch on a tissue paper. It's a regular black. like an everyday kind of black. (well, if there is such thing!lol)
Moving on, here's the mascara applied on my lashes. I'm sorry I haven't taken any picture of my lashes without the mascara on but I promise that my lashes are thin, regular-length and straight like a typical Asian lashes. :)

*look! some mascara on my lids!*

As you can see, it does a good job on holding up the curl on my lashes. And it really stays that way throughout the day or until I take it off at night when I'm going to wash my face. Really! It's not waterproof but it's not smudgy and it doesn't budge at all. So no panda eyes at the end of the day! It sometimes apply clumpy but nothing a practice can fix. :)
The only downside of this is the scent. It smells like an old makeup. Not like an old expired makeup but more like a grandma makeup (you get the idea) and I just hate it! Luckily, it goes away with a couple of hours.

Pros : 
  • doesn't smudge, budge nor flake
  • holds up curls for such a long time
  • not clumpy
  • the packaging is simple and practical but looks cheap (the print is now fading)
  • the wand is useful and catches all of my lashes and does a pretty good job on applying mascara
  • incredibly affordable for Php 119.00-129.00 (not sure 'coz I got this for just Php 80.00 because of the sale)
  • I think this only comes in two colors (black & brown)
  • and the scent! 'nuff said!
Overall, this is quite a good mascara. If you're looking for an everyday use mascara, nothing more nothing less, you can just get away with this. It delivers what a mascara use to do nicely and bonus that it's affordable too!

Is there anything you own that you think is cheap but you've been surprised that it does a pretty good job that you said it is indeed a steal? Do share!

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