Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to...



Yes! It's my 21st birthday today. Ugh! I'm old. lol Nothing much special today. I'm at the office right now (yes, I surf at the office) waiting for the food to arrive (from our house). My mother cooked it! Its the best! :D

We're going to have a small gathering with my co-workers here at the office. But I'm really hoping to have a celebration with my  friends at the house on Saturday night!

And because of this day, there are some things that I realized:

  • birthdays doesn't matter anymore when you're old (or is it just me?lol)
  • your friends, especially those that are true will come out of nowhere just to greet you, even those that are 'not-so-true', and those that are friends on Facebook but not really in real life/person
  • I'm legally legal now so I'll get imprisoned if I commit a crime (but I still won't if I was a minor lol)
  • having two kids at this age is very overwhelming (I'm actually contemplating to not have a baby anymore anytime soon)
  • I still don't have a wisdom tooth, does that mean that I'm still a minor?
  • I'm through from the young adultery stage and now an adult (boo!)
  • live life to the fullest now because the world will end at Dec. 2012 (kidding!)
  • great age, comes with great responsibility LOL

Notes to Oneself

1. Be MORE responsible

You're not a kid anymore, not even a minor. You actually have your own kids! Think of the consequences first before doing anything or making decisions.

2. Quotes to live by

*'nuff said*

3. Try achieve something one at a time

Don't rush things, enjoy the moment while you still can. Fate has its own time. And only God knows what's best for you and when to give it. Things happen for a reason so don't fret.

4. Set your goals

You're still young and you surely still want to achieve something don't you? Try to live your dreams by setting your goals and making it happen.

5. Take care of yourself

I understand you already have your own family but how can you say you'll take care of your family if you can't even take care of yourself? Take care of your family, but but take care of yourself yourself too!

My wishes is to have good health for me and for my family and still those that are in this post. It sucks that I still don't have any of those that is mentioned (boo!). 

This is taking too long and I'm talking nonsense so I'm gonna end it right here just about now. 


anney said...

Belated happy birthday!! May God always bless you and your family!

jen said...

thank you sis! :D

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