Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nina's 1st Birthday!*pic heavy*

Exactly a year ago, a new angel came to our life. I gave birth to my daughter, Nina. Today, is her 1st birthday. But since our schedule won't permit, we decided to celebrate her birthday last Sunday, October 23.

We opt to avail a Jollibee Kids Party just like what we did to our first born Johan. :) We booked the party about a month before at Jollibee Malabon Bayan Branch.

We arrived at the venue a bit late so some of the guests are already there. 

*prizes, loot bags & some presents(thank you!)*

Guests started to arrive then at about 30 mins. past 4pm, the party started.

*Nina's cakes*

*Jollitown Themed cake c/o Nanay(thanks Nay!)*

*Little Mermaid Themed cake c/o Ate(thanks Te!)*
side note: so mga bata na ngayon ang nagpapagawa ng cakes?:)

*My Nina the Birthday girl(debutant?!)*


*Nina's giveaways(we gave it to the kids, I swear!we didn't eat it!)*

*My babies, Nina & Johan*
trivia: that's where I got my codename 'johanina' ;)

*here comes the mascot*

*we only got two of them because the other three were all fully booked*

*photo op w/ the mascots(k-pop Jollibee?;p)*

*the mascots are so adorable:)*

Happy Birthday to my Nina!We love you baby!You and your Kuya(brother)!I wish both of you grow up healthy, smart and kind.

To all of our 'sponsors', thank you very much! To my sisters, Nanay, nieces and nephew, nieces/nephews-in-law, cousins-in-law, thank you very much! To Mamang, thank you for Nanay. And to my parents, thank you for supportive sisters. And lastly, I would to thank myself and Hubby for bringing such wonderful kids! lol

To everyone who's celebrating their birthday, happy birthday!

p.s. gonna make a separate post for some blooper pics and another post for outfits. Stay tuned! 


anney said...

Ang bongga ng gown! Talbog si Shamcey supsup! hihihi! Happy belated bday Nina!

jen said...

thanks anney!haha!shamcey supsup:)

lovely pettit_mom said...

Bee words yong favorite nang anak ko. syempre, favorite nya Jolibee. 2 years old sya andyan kami palagi stand by sa Jolibee restaurant... ingat kay..your blog is pretty...

jen said...

hehe.. thank you po :)

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