Saturday, October 29, 2011


Before I leave for the rest of the week (I'm not gonna go somewhere, I'm just going to be MIA for the rest of the weekend. Long weekend FTW!) I'll leave you with this happy post. :)

*my daughter crying because she's scared-to-death w/ my brother-in-law lol*

*I was trying to capture a close-up of my baby but I got this. FAIL!lololol*

*My baby's not aware of what's happening.While her brother's having his own business. Hehe:)* 

*Grandma's pose unintentional:D*

*Dance! Nina Dance!*

*Nina on the floor! She always sits on the floor, dunno why. (Feel na feel nya siguro yung gown.Hehe)*

*Rhian's super scared w/ the mascots.Haha!*

And that caps off this post. Enjoy your long weekend everyone! Bye!


anney said...

Naku sobrang natakot yata talaga! wawa naman ang baby! hehehe! ang cute!!

Wonder Woman said...

Aww. Kawawa! So cute though! :)

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SunnyToast said...

She is so cute:) bongga bongga natakot yata ito!

jen said...

haha!thank you po!:)

Em said...

Winner and picture. My kiddo naman is scared of my big brother :)

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