Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Letter to Deliver..

Dear Xend,

        I commend your rates for being the (most) affordable. Your site is easily available, and branches can be found almost everywhere. BUT! That doesn't mean that the quality of your services must come cheap! I also hope that you provide your delivery men load so that they can contact the recipient if there's any problem regarding their package.. I hope this will never happen again to me or to anyone..

                                                                                       Your dearest costumer,

Well, Tuesday actually.. But this post was really intended to be published yesterday, but circumstances didn't allow me.. Anyway I have something to complain.. Regarding about the letter above..

Days before my sister's birthday, I thought of giving her a gift.. Something that's useful and practical but isn't that pricey that's gonna burn holes to my pocket.. :) So I decided to give her..

A bag organizer! (I'm gonna make a separate post about it) I ordered it online and settled the payment right away last September 23.. Prior to the rules of the shop, if you settle your payment past 12 noon, the item will be shipped the next day which is Saturday.. And as for the courier, the package mailed out that day, will be delivered the next business day.. They don't have operations every Sundays so the item is scheduled to be delivered on Monday..

I'm expecting to receive it Monday afternoon (based on my past experiences from other couriers), September 26 in time for my sister's birthday on the following day.. Day passed by and there's no package delivered (the weather's not that good).. The next day, it was raining so hard (because of the typhoon Pedring) and streets were flooded so I'm not expecting my package to be delivered that day.. Here comes Wednesday, floods and rains subsided and the celebration was scheduled at night.. Much to my disappointment, I received nothing! So I decided to call their hotline at 4pm.. They asked for the waybill number and I gave it.. They said the address can't be located so the got my contact number and the "right" address.. Then Thursday came, from morning 'til afternoon I've waited but nothing arrived at my doorstep.. NONE! Neither text nor call! And then all of a sudden, at 6:55 pm I received a text message that I have a package to be delivered.. Me and Hubby were out of the house at that time then I received a call coming from their representative that the delivery man is already at the address I gave them.. I told him to tell the delivery man to wait for me for about 5 minutes because were just about to head back there but much to my dismay, he told me to hurry because there are other packages to be picked-up by the man..

We arrived there at about 5 minutes or less and the delivery man approached us and apologized for being late.. He said he came all the way from Valenzuela.. I signed the delivery slip, checked and received my package then left..

I don't care what your delivery men were up to! I just want to receive my package at the expected date! The item was coming from Quezon City, which is not that far from us! The delivery must be easy and quick.. I've checked the address written on the delivery slip and it was the RIGHT address that I gave to the seller so why the hell you can't locate it?! This is actually the third time for Xend to deliver to the same address and the first two were just as the same as the latter..

I hope this will never happen again to me or to anyone.. Now, lovelies, has any of you experienced something like this? C'mon! Let me know your thoughts! Stay pretty! :)

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