Saturday, October 1, 2011

Birthdays, Typhoons and OOTD

Happy October 1st everyone!!!! I can't believe how fast days come by.. I'm way too late for this post because this happened last September 28.. Yesterday, I've been so busy I didn't had the chance to write about this, the other day.. *thinks* I don't remember what happened that day for me to not do a post, maybe I was just a lazy bum.. :) Anyway, fast forward today..

Last September 27, my sister had her **th birthday :P She made a reservation to a restaurant for us, together with her friends and officemates celebrate there. But at that very day, typhoon Pedring(international name Nesat) hit Northern and Central Luzon devastating thousands of households, damaging millions of properties, triggering floods and landslides, and even leaving casualties.. We, ourselves experienced the floods.. Living in a flood-prone area, the river in our village overflowed because of the heavy rains causing flood.. The water even made its way into our house.. And we tried our best to hamper it.. Furniture and appliances were lifted while some cleared the waters leaving family members exhausted..  Hence, the celebration is cancelled and moved onto the next day..

Thankfully, the (heavy) rain began to subside overnight as well as the flood giving us a chance to continue the celebration the following day.. Although the rain did subside, the sun didn't really shine brightly.. Amidst the not-so-shiny weather, we get to the restaurant altogether.. And ate ALL we can!!! Ignore the stormy weather.. :P

We arrived at the restaurant at around 7pm.. I must say that the service is good, we were greeted by some waitresses and lead us to the room reserve by my sister.. She didn't expect she'll have many guests so the room that was reserved was not enough to accommodate us all.. She then asks for an extension room, but the only one that's available is kinda far from us..

The food, on the other hand was great! Who wouldn't love eat all you can buffet? Even better because they have THREE different types of cuisine.. Kamayan is Filipino food, Dad's is American (I think so) while Saisaki is obviously Japanese..

My plate *nomnomnom*

Does it look like I had enough food for me to stay full up until the next day? *heehee* I've had the Japanese fried rice(because the hubby had plain rice), Ebi Gyoza, I forgot the fish I got with a cream sauce, a crabmeat wrapped in bacon(I've learned that it belongs to the Yakimono), and I also got to taste Ebi tempura and a Grand Canyon roll-like food from Saisaki.. Too bad I didn't get the chance to taste the sushi/sashimi/temaki.. :( From Kamayan, I got Kuhol sa Gata, fried crablets and fried kangkong(?) with cream sauce.. Whew! That's a lot of food indeed..

For the dessert.. Dessseeerrrrtt!!!! So yummy!!! The buffet table for the dessert is placed in the middle of the hall..

It was filled with yummy treats your sweet tooth will rejoice in happiness! From cakes, cupcakes, pastries, MTO crepe, ice cream, marshmallows with chocolate dip(that I soooo loooveee!!!!), kakanin, bibingka, sapin-sapin, and even DIY halo-halo.. FTW!

I don't what this is and I didn't even had a chance to taste it :)

 cupcakes and toppings side by side with..

blurry ice cream *heehee*

I don't understand why the camera can't focus in the ice cream? Maybe because of the temperature? Anyway, here's what I got..

mini cake, choco-dip mallows and mango-filled crepe topped with mallows

Isn't it obvious that I love mallows? Even more because it's dipped to chocolate.. And the crepe.. THE CREPE!! It was so refreshing! The mangoes are fresh and sweet.. I sooo loove it!!! On my second time around, I decided to go for..

DIY halo-halo! and even more choco-dipped mallows!

My second dessert plate was flooded with milk because of little Ella.. *heehee* And after finishing three plates of different types of food.. We went outside the room and did random, hilarious things.. LOL

food photography 101 by Irish

the singing waiters and waitresses (why not serve while singing?)

plank act on the staircase LOL

outfit shot after plank

ootd : white button-down from Guess, hand-me-down DIY cut-off pants turned into rolled-up shorts for jag (whew!that's the longest name a short could have*heehee*), vest from BNY, belt from Hang Ten, platform sandals from Celine

So I'm gonna end this now because this post is getting too long, and it's already past office hours so I better go now.. Happy birthday to my sister! We love you!! More birthdays to come!!

And also, I'm looking forward for the next food trip (I hope its an eat all you can buffet again*heehee*). 

How about you girls? What's the latest happening in your life? No matter what it is, stay pretty! :)

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