Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Do you organize?

Hello everyone! I'm not feeling well right now but I'm gonna make another post anyway..

This is the gift for my sister that I've mentioned here for her birthday that I blogged about here.. It's a beabi bag organizer.. Check it out!

As I've mentioned from my previous post, I bought this online at Starki Shop at Php 350.00 (approx. $8.06) plus shipping fee Php 50.00 (approx. $1.15).. That's a total of Php 400.00 (approx. $9.22).. It was quite a good deal because this one is priced Php 395.00 (approx. $9.11) if you buy it at the mall.. :)

*I opened it already! heehee*

packaging is nice *though this is not the original packaging*

order slip is simple and easy

check out their link 
note: I don't have any affiliation w/ the owner of the online shop :P

And now.. the bag organizer.. :)

left: back, right: front

According to their site:

The menorca bag organizer has twelve individual compartments plus three separate pull-out cases. A must for the serious traveler.

• 1 horizontal zip pocket
• 2 outside side pockets
• 2 outside front pockets
• 5 inside pockets
• 1 clear plastic pull out case
• 1 lightweight pull out case with handle
   and 2 mesh pockets
• 1 detachable coin purse and tissue holder
• size: 20cm x 25.5cm x 7cm
• weight: 0.42lbs

1 horizontal zip pocket, 2 outside front pockets, 2 outside side pockets

closer look

5 inside pockets

buttons for the detachable cases

coin purse/tissue holder

and the detachables *heehee*
(1 clear plastic pull out case, 1 lightweight pull out case with handle)

There are handles on the top too.. Also available in Fuchsia, Brown, Khaki, Turquoise and Orange.. Overall, this is a great bag organizer.. Its sturdy, easy to clean and convenient.. Will definitely have one for myself too.. But maybe I'll choose another design.. :) I'm going to bug Hubby to buy me one! lol :D

Now lovelies, do you use a bag organizer? Let me know your thoughts about it! And as always, stay pretty!:)


WonderWoman said...

I want a bag organizer!!! :(


jen said...

it's a must-have!:)

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