Monday, February 20, 2012

Bookworm: At last! Tattoo

Hi! How was your day I hope you're doing fine. :)
Monday started a bit off because it was raining since last night but at least the sun started to come out as the day went on. Anyway, I wanna share something that I've been wanting to have for the longest time but for some reasons can't acquire. Its not that I've got myself inked, but rather this..

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

I already mentioned on this post that I love reading but for some reason can't pursue that hobby or maybe because I don't know what book to buy. But at least, I've come up to this. And this one's on my list on what I'm looking forward to buy. I bought this last Saturday at National Bookstore for Php 299.00. I'm torn between this and The Hunger Games on what should I get because I only got Php 500.00 to spare. I decided to get this one and bought some fastfood for dinner from the change. :)

I'm almost halfway through it and I can say that it's AWESOME! Stieg Larsson is definitely a great story-teller! This is a must-read book. It's not your typical kind of fiction that the characters usually have superpowers/immortals and set on a non-existent place. I don't really hate those kinds of stories (I really love Harry Potter!) but I'm more on the fact-based kind of stories. I love those stories that can possible happen in real-life and set on a real place. Plus the main character is a girl! Talk about girl power! :)

Do you love reading books? What books have read already? And planning to read? Any recommendations? Do share! :)

Jen <3


Em said...

OH wow! I didn't know they have a book. Ganda ng movie, have you watched it na? Haven't watched the second installment of the film though :)

jen said...

dk0 npanuod ung movie e..mgnda ba? i think the 2nd installment would be the girl who played with fire.. trilogy dn kc sya e just like hunger games..:)

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