Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Bag! Secosana

Hello lovelies! I'm sorry I didn't keep my promise to post regularly. I'm such a lazy bum :/ Anyway, this post for today is about my recent purchase. Check it out! ~~

Secosana Bag



*w/ bag organizer*

I bought this bag last Saturday because the other bag that I've been using died on me. Haha! I used to have sling bags before as my default type of bag because obviously, it is very convenient. I can use both of hands and my things are still with me. But then again things do change. :p

I was at Robinson's Dept. Store w/ the Hubby last Saturday and we're on search for my new bag! (and a gift he bought for his now-goddaughter) At that time, there was a sale going on (ended last Sunday, sadly) and as I enter the store, I made a bee line to the bag section. I scoured through the racks of bags and found a couple but Hubby said they were not that interesting. I do trust Hubby because when it comes to shopping, he's very hard to please. (1) He doesn't buy an item if it's the last piece on display (2) He scrutinize inspects all the items he's going to buy all the time and (3) He gives the most honest opinion to me whenever I ask him. In addition to that, Hubby is very budget-conscious. Except for the kids, lol. So I continued my search for the 'perfect bag' and I saw this rack near the shoe section. It's for the discounted items. I rummage through it and found this! The moment I chanced upon this bag, I grabbed it right away! I saw some women looking at me and the bag I'm holding so I thought "I'm never gonna put this down, haha!!!". And so I inspected it if there's any damage or defects and thank God there's none. I checked the price and the regular price is Php 899.00 and there's no yellow tag, just a hand-written '400'. So I asked the SA if it's really discounted and she said yes it is! It's down to Php 400.00!! Scoreeeee!!!!!!


  • roomy, big but light-weight
  • texture is soft and smooth, doesn't look cheap
  • color is very versatile, easy to pair with
  • i love the double zipped pockets inside
  • 2 other pockets inside as well as cellphone holder
  • front and back zipped compartments
  • sturdy and structured
  • cute design
  • zipper closure
  • the price is still affordable  even if not in sale
  • dirt and stains are very obvious because of the color
Overall, this bag is definitely a steal! For its good quality and affordable price(even if not on sale) this bag is a must-have! Actually, I do think Secosana bags are very nice and good quality. From the day I bought this bag, I used it right away up to this very moment. I really love this because this is my very first bag purchase after I 've been influenced by those awesome fashion bloggers that I've been following. Those people really had a huge impact on me especially when it comes to shopping and fashion choices. Those fashion bloggers rock!!!

Do you have a default bag? Or is there anything on your wardrobe that you've reaching and using over and over again and never gonna get over it until it gets over you? lol Do share! :)


Jen Semilla said...

I agree with your con! hehe :)

anney said...

Ganyan kalaki ang gusto kong bag na dalin pag umaalis kasi para marami ako naillgay. Your bag is pretty!

jen said...

tama ka jan sis!
throw all the stuff in lng then out na! :)

mhie said...

i like your bag....visiting from:

Lady said...

What a pretty bag and infairness ang mura lang niya! :)))


Kim, USA said...

What a beautiful find. Great bag on you.

Kim, USA

jen said...

@lady: oh yes! super afford! :)
@kim, USA: thank you! :)

Jr said...

nice review! hehehe ang ganda ng bag aah :)

btw, i have a blog contest where you can win Sony PSP, P3,000, P1000 etc., :) Join now.,

and care for an exchange link?

Em said...

What a dainty bag :)
I used to buy white/Cream colored bags pre-pregnancy. But now that I have toddler, I can't na.

evilsquirrel01 said...

I love it! I just bought one too last Sunday!

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