Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My First Nyx

Hello lovelies! One thing I forgot to include in my New Year's resolution I posted the other day here is that I promise to update if not daily, well at least regularly. With that being said, here's another post for everyone.

I know these items are already popular and reviews have been circulating over the net but I still want to share with you my very first Nyx products. Everybody's been raving about their lippies because of its great pigmentation, formulation, wide shade selection and of course the bargain price. What a good deal right? As far as I know, their blushes and eyeshadows are great too! But I opted to purchase lippies for my first time! And these are my picks.

Nyx Round Lipsticks

*shade encapsulated at the bottom*

*Snow White(left) & Narcissus(right)*

I got these lippies from Skye Avenue (check out their site!)



*on my lips*

Narcissus - light pink with blue undertones
This shade doesn't complement my skintone very well. I looked like a ganguro with this :D I did try to apply it lightly and I think the result is better. I just don't like the fact that it sinks on my lip lines and made it more obvious. Eew!

Snow White - bright red with brown undertones
This shade is so bold! Its the perfect shade for that bold red lip that celebrities are wearing. I love this!


I blotted it with a white paper(not tissue paper) and I like this better than the other one. ;)

  • highly pigmented
  • creamy, glides on smoothly
  • not drying though not really moisturizing
  • shade matches color on the tube
  • shade encapsulated at the bottom makes it easier for storage
  • wide shade selection
  • cheap bargain price (I bought these for Php 150.00ea)
  • not available locally
  • flimsy packaging
  • makes you wanna collect them all (like pokemon) which may cause you end up having more lipstick than you can use and shades that are almost the same
Overall, these lippies are good steal! Such a good quality for a bargain price and wide selection. I'm looking forward for my next Nyx purchase. I'm eyeing those blushes, lip creams, single/palette eyeshadows and moreeeeee lippies!!!!!!

What Nyx products do you own? What are your thoughts about it? I would love to hear from you! Click the comment box! :D


anney said...

Mas bagay sayo yung snow white! Glamorous ang dating! Happy New Year!

jen said...

too bad hndi ko pa sya natatry gmitin kht may okasyon, nhihiya pa ko..hihi!anyway,thank you sis!happy new year pdin?hahaha!!!!:D

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