Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I'm sorry but this is not what you think it is..

Not a beauty/makeup tutorial but rather a nerdy/geeky one..

This is the Scaled Pic Tutorial..I'll show you how to make your pictures look scaled..You can upload this on your Facebook account or other social networking sites..:)

Here's how:

Step 1: Open MS Word,then make 12-16 boxes(1.45"x.1.60") For who have this kind of OS like me(MS 2007) it doesn't have a 'Format Tab',you just have to click the 'Insert Tab' and choose rectangle.

Step 2 : Set the boxes to 'No fill'.

Step 3 : Paste the desired picture to be scaled.Make adjustments if needed.Set to full screen view then print screen.

Step 4 : Paste it to paint and using the selected tool,crop the picture.Make 16 copies of the file,save in a folder.This is how it'll look like.

Step 5 : Crop each part one by one using MS Picture Manager.

 Then save.I suggest to do it in a folder.

Step 6 : Upload to Facebook or anywhere you like it.

And that's it!I hope you like it!:)Please give me a link if you're going to try this too!:)

Credits to Myca who's the one to share this to everyone!:)

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