Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bloggers,Inspirations,Beautiful People..

I'm inspired..Yes I am..By these beautiful people.That's why I've come up with this blog.And this post is dedicated to them.

Definitely going to be a long one,(having a second part is a possibility).So guys,let me introduce to you,these beautiful women who happened to be the root of all(no,not evil)beauty blogging craze over the net.

They are the reason why I decided to create my own blog.

1. Natalya's Beauty Blog
    The first time I stumbled upon her video on how to achieve a no makeup look,I got hooked.This girl is just so gorgeous that her alias filthygorgeousmakeup suits her perfectly!And she has amazing makeup skills too!


2. kandee the makeup artist
    This celebrity makeup artist/mom/beauty blogger/jetsetter? touched my heart and life(according to her ;P)and never fail to make me laugh everytime I go to her blog..Oh, and did I mentioned that her makeup skills are amazing too?Here's one..

lol I know..That mustache is GINORMOUS!I'm a mom too..That's why I can relate to her..:)

3. Jen of From Head To Toe
    This petite Korean girl amazes me with her makeup skills..Click here for example..She's beautiful and funny.Adorable and quirky.Need I say more?I just plain love her!

Big things come in small packages:)

4. BubzBeauty
    With her Bubbiosity videos,this Irish girl combines beauty and humor in a super nice way!Her Bubzbeauty channel does good as her other channel.But I like her hair tutorials more.She's so nice and cute and bubbi err i mean bubbly!:)

See what I mean?

5. A Little Bit of Eki
    Eki,a Japanese girl living in U.S. is just so beautiful..Her blog is such an eyecandy!Kawaii!She's so nice,and creative,nerdy and gorgeous!Read:nerdy and gorgeous.


6. Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog
    Karen,who happens to be a Filipina is so adorable!Together with her pet cat Tabs,she blog about product reviews,tutorials and all things about beauty..And Anyway,what I like the most is the fact that she's a Filipina.Period.

Olivia Wilde-inspired smokey eyes

Also,she takes excellent photographs too..Talented.

7. Nessasary Makeup
    When it comes to color makeup,low-end or high-end,Nessa has it!I'm not sure about her ethnicity though,but I like her!

Red lips?Nessasary..

8.My Women Stuff
   This blog is based in Malaysia(woohoo!Asian beauty bloggers rock!!).This lady posts amazing reviews of different beauty products,tutorials and everything in between.The only thing is she's more focused on reviewing high end products..:(But anyways,I love that she's obsessed with colors!I think "neutral" is not on her vocabulary..;)

Strutting her stuff:)

    This blog is all about beauty-in-a-flash!Christine,the blogger,is a mom and a doctor of profession.According to her,she made her blog because "this site really started as a way for me to stop offering comments on every one else's beauty blog everyday and keep track of stuff I have loved. I like to look at the science behind a product to see why something will (or won't) work, and to educate others. Hearing about pores opening and closing is like nails on a chalkboard for me, the pores can't do that! "-here's where I got this.

The thing is,she doesn't show pictures of her..

     Of course!Nikki of Ask Me Whats!I'm a Filipino so it'll not be surprising that I'll patronize my fellow Filipino beauty blogger..:)She's great in nail art tutorials and nevertheless makeup tutorials because why,she's a makeup artist!lol

My Photo 

Filipino beauty bloggers FTW!:)

So that's it!This is my Top Ten(I guess?)Beauty Bloggers..They inspire me,I adore them..Stay pretty ladies!:)

How about you?Who/what inspires you?What's your reason for blogging?Come shre your thoughts!:)

Photos were taken from respective blogs


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