Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London Bridge is Falling Down?:(

The famous line from the song we all knew and sang when we were kids..Those were the times when we don't want to do anything but play,play and play..

From what I've saw on the news these past few days,England especially London is not on its peaceful state at the moment..London was literally on fire last night(timezone here in the Philippines).

From what I've known,London is a very beautiful place(unfortunately,I haven't been there yet).Beautiful scenery,amazing structures,historical places,busy people,prosperous country..

But what the heck are these people trying to do?!Looting and rioting are everywhere..People destroying other people's properties,harassing and hurting numerous civilians..

For whatever reason these people may have for doing such things,still puzzles me..We people,are blessed by God with huge brains placed on the top of our head..It isn't there for nothing!God gave us free will so let us use it for the better..


I hope this will end soon and all things will be in the right place and everything will be alright..My sympathy goes those who have been hurt and affected of this crisis..Let's pray for everyone's safety..

On the lighter note,I still wish to get there in England(but definitely not now)and experience the British accent and meet Mr. Bean..jk..I just want to cheer you up guys!C'mon!Let's all get there and have tea  with Teddy!


*hugs and kisses* for everybody!As they all say it,"Make Love not War".. 

*If you want some more,here's Kandee's post regarding this issue about London.

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