Thursday, August 18, 2011

lipice Color Lipbalm..I would love to love it but..

I've been meaning to post this review for quite sometime but haven't find time to do so..But since I don't have much to do for now,I decided to put this up..

Rants and raves about this product have been all over the cyberspace for quite a while now..And I,being a blog stalker,I'm easily influenced by the blogs I read..As I've been seeing a couple of reviews about how great this product is,I decided to try it on my own and purchased mine at Watson's when I had the opportunity..;)

BUT!!To my dismay...Check it out..

lipice Color Lipbalm in Candy Apple

*Sorry I didn't have a chance to take a picture of this with its packaging 'coz I opened it right away the moment I stepped out of the store the day I bought this..teehee*  But here's what it looks like..

Variants may differ in every country..Mine was in Candy Apple..I think its the darkest of the three variants available locally..(though I don't really know if these were available in three shades only)..

It has reddish tint in it,but looks pink on me..It glides on easily and the color is pretty(for me).It has glossy finish in it,and this can be your lipcolor or if you want,you can top it with other lipcolor of your choice(haven't done that yet).

swatches on my hand

left:applied once,right:applied thrice

Pigmentation is quite decent,its kinda sheer but okay..It stays for a couple of minutes(no kissing/eating/drinking/wiping)as it tends to slide off easily..If you won't wipe it off,it will leave reddish tint on your lips that'll look like you've applied a lip tint/marker or ate a colored candy..;)Otherwise its nice..

swatch on my lips

I applied this for reviewing purposes only

As for moisturization,I would like to believe that it will really moisturize your lips..According to Mentholatum it has "an effective Microsphere Technology that retains more than 62% water, keeping your lips constantly hydrated. Contains ingredients with moisturizing and anti-oxidizing properties to keep lips healthy, smooth and supple. Contains Vitamin E, Mango Butter Seed and Meadowfoam Seed Oil." It also contain SPF 15 UV Protection..But..wth has happened to my lips when I applied this?!I've only used it for about a week now and look at what it has done to me..

resized and watermarked only

My lips got irritated,it became dry,scaly and itchy(but at least not chapped).As you can see,my upper lip line got red because of irritation..I also had rashes on the surface of my lips..I'm really disappointed:( Now I'm thinking why did this happen to me?Maybe I'm allergic with one of its ingredients..

For now, I decided to not use it..As I would really like to have it but I can't for it is cheap(Php 125 approx. $ 2.94)and easily available..I'll just look for another balm that'll work effectively on me..:)

How about you?Have you ever tried a product raved about others just to find out that it doesn't work for you as well as to them?Share your thoughts..:)

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BHMB: Beauty, Heart, Mind and Body said...

That was so HAWT! I'm a super fan of lip ice ever since Taiwanese Actress Ruby Lin endorsed it on TV. :) I'm gonna grab some more lip ice stuff!

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