Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Labor Day

Yesterday, I was able to find some time to have a haircut (finally!) because it was holiday. I was with my daughter and niece Irish and we headed to SM San Lazaro. When we got there we walked around for a while because I'm still undecided to where will I have my haircut. We saw the David's Salon on the lower ground but there were a lot of people waiting in line so we decided to have some lunch first at McDonald's. While we were eating, here's a pic of my hair when I haven't had my haircut yet. Lol

I have a thick, straight looong hair. I can't say it's healthy but I actually think it is! ;) But with the unbearable heat nowadays, I can't stand my long, think hair now. It's just too 'heavy' and it took me some time to clean when having a shower especially in the mornings when I'm always in a hurry. And when were done eating our lunch, we headed back to the salon and got in. When I told the receptionist that I want to have a haircut, she asked me who's stylist I want to have my haircut. It was actually my first time there so I don't have an idea. The receptionist noticed it and she asked if it was my first time, of course I said yes! Haha! She pointed out the list of the hairstylists and their rates. There were four of them. The highest rate is Php 340 while the lowest is Php 168. I chose the second to the highest, Ms. Wilma. Her rate was Php 250. Not bad at all. When I'm done with the picking, she asked me if I'm willing to wait because there were still three people on cue before me to have a haircut. I've nothing much to do and we already had our lunch so I said yes and we waited for my cue. A few minutes later, a guy approached me and told me I was next so he headed me to the wash area, washed my hair (of course, what else to do?Lol) and realized something because of that. That it has been years since I last had my haircut done at a salon. Lately, I always had my haircut at our house. So I kinda missed the washing of my hair. Haha! And so it was time for my haircut. Yay! I told the hairstylist that I want my hair to be layered but she asked me if I had it rebonded. I said yes but it was a year ago. She said it was not advisable for me to have it layered because my rebond is still there and if she cut it layered, the ends will flick out. Well I think that what she's trying to say. Haha! So she decided to have my hair trimmed. Yeah! She's the one who decides for my haircut, she's the stylist anyway. 3 inches was trimmed off my hair (as per my request). And here's the end result:

I know there's not much of a difference but for me, I feel so much lighter now! And on shower, it took me about less than a minute to have it cleaned. That means more time for sleep! Lol Anyway, onto the service that I had at David's Salon, it was quite nice. But I still want to try out other salons as well for my next haircut-trip. I want to try Azta Urban Salon (kinda odd because we didn't saw it yesterday at the mall) and Tony & Jackey (that we didn't also saw yesterday). And a few other service shops that we saw yesterday that I also wanna try out are Nail-A-Holics (there's a lot of ladies inside having some mani-pedi session) and Lay Bare (I told hubby I want to try Brazilian Wax and asked if he want to try too. Lol).

How about you? How's your holiday have gone so far?

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