Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Perks of Working in a Family Business

Hey there! Can't believe how days have past by so quickly that we're already on the 3rd month of the year! Summer is fast approaching ('cause we don't have spring here, though I wish we have ;D) and I'm looking forward for future summer vacations/trips of the family. Anyway, last March 1, I celebrated my first year of working in my sister's business. My work isn't a hard kind of work. No need for a talent for arts or whatsoever, it is indeed composed of confining in an office and Facebooking the whole day. lol Kidding aside, my work consists of keeping files and records of our projects and monitoring our status and answering occasional phone calls from clients. Okay! I'm gonna stop it right there 'cause I don't wanna bore you with it. Somehow, working in a family business have some perks in it. Here are some of them:
  • when you're working in a family business, there's a great chance that your co-workers are members of your family too
  • when you go to work, you see your co-workers. when you got home, there's your relatives. And your co-worker and relative is not two different persons
  • when you have a personal problem, your co-workers will always be aware of it and there's nothing you can do to hide it from them
  • when you're having some misunderstanding with your co-workers, you can't just forget about it when you got home because your co-workers is at home too, in the form of a relative. haha!
  • you can't get to see new faces everyday when you go to work
  • in addition to that, when your workplace is just a 10-minute drive from your home, you don't have a chance to see other places rather than your neighborhood and your village
On the contrary, there's always a good side in everything. Here it is:
  • when you have your sister as a boss, you can speak out your opinions to her easily because hey, she's your sister!
  • you can suggest/discuss some things to your boss even if there's no meeting going on and your just at home with them
  • you will not experience any hassle when you request for a loan or things like that when you badly need money because they will be the first one to know why you need it and there are actually times that you don't have to ask for it because they will help you willingly without hesitations
  • some bad and awkward moments can be easily forgotten because you have to act professionally when you get to work (no personal disputes allowed)
  • when your workplace is a 10-minute drive from your home, you will rarely experience hassle even when commuting, and a less chance of having a travel-misfortune: i.e. got your head/arm/leg stuck in a closing LRT door (gross!) or got stuck inside a train full of people and can't get out that cause you to be super late for work lol
  • in addition, you don't have to wake up super early and you'll have more time to sleep in the morning. yay!

*the door of our office w/ no relation to the content lol*

I just want to clear things out, I am not in any way or another complaining about the nature of my work. I actually like it and have no intentions of leaving my position. I'm just stating facts based on my experience and my opinions about it. So this post is really just for fun. This is just for my first year at work and I'm looking forward for more years for me at this job (and a higher salary I hope :p) And I'm wishing that my sister's business will continue to grow and flourish and expand. For now, let's have a toast in the middle of a bright sunny and HOT afternoon! Cheers for the progress and higher compensation! LOL



anney said...

Ang galing naman! At least di ka na naghirap pa mag apply ng work at family business yan. Mahhirap maghanap ng trabaho ngayon diba?

jen said...

tama ka jan sis! actually undergrad pa ko..ngtry ako mg apply bef0re and mhirap tlga kc kylangan nga my experience, e pano nga mgkakaexperience kung hndi maha-hire sa work dba?hehe..

Em said...

Pwede ba akonh magapply jn ? :)

jen said...

ikaw sis! kung ok lng ba say0 na mgtravel mula jan sa cavite ppnta d2 sa malabon everyday e.. haha! jk :)

anney said...

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