Thursday, April 26, 2012

Weekend Wander

Hi there! How's your day going? It has been super hot these past few days here that sometimes I felt like I'm melting lol. But it's okay with me because at the other side of the world, other people are freezing to death while a lot of us here are enjoying the heat of the sun and having a wonderful vacation somewhere.

Anyway, I just want to share what and where I've been to these past weekend. :D

Met with my old friend and classmate Lieca at MoA. We originally planned to meet up with another classmate but sadly, she wasn't able to come so it was just the two of us plus her boyfriend. It has been such a really long time since we last saw each other (oh how I missed hanging out with them) and I was really glad to hang out with her again. Nothing has really changed with her. Just the old friend I used to have. :D

I haven't had my lunch when I got there so we decided to ate at Burger King (sorry no pic). Then later on, we thought of hanging at another place. We searched for a cool, relax and cozy spot to chill out and have some drinks but Starbucks and Seattle's Best were all jampacked! We don't want to sit outside with no aircon. Again, we roam around hoping to find another place. I suggested White Hat to have some froyo but the store at MoA was small and the tables and seats were outside. We dropped by at Häagen-Dazs but then something popped-up from Archie (Lieca's bf) and we hurried ourselves to get there. Finally, the long search is over lol. We all decided to chill out at Swensen's. :)

We had Iced Green Tea (mine), Chocolate Ice Cream Shake (Lieca) and Iced Choco Latte (Archie). The Iced Green Tea is okay for me. It's actually nice! It has a bitter taste (bcoz it's green tea) but I stirred it and the whipped cream helped for it to taste better (I guess). Haven't tried their drinks but Archie said his wasn't that nice. 

Okay! That's all for now. I hope you have a great weekend guys! I wish this will happen again soon! 

What have you been to lately?


anney said...

Sobrang init ngayun no? grabe talaga!Yan ang masarap sa tag init mga cold beverages!

jen said...

Naku sobra tlga! Hndi mo mlaman kung saan ka ppnta pra mkaiwas sa init.. Hehe :)

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