Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just wanna share my Tots..err..Thoughts

Have you seen my previous post about the little guy doing pranks? I hope you did :D Meanwhile, I've realized something because of it.

My little guy @ merely 1.5 days

Johan @ 5 months

Johan rocking @ 1 :D

@ 1 yr. 9 mos.

@ 2 yrs. old

And then Nina came along..

@ 2 days old

@ 4th mo.

@ 7th mo.

@ 8th..

@ 9th..

and 1 !!

I still can't believe how time passed by so quickly! I missed my babies when they were so little and cute and delicate that I'm afraid to hold. :D Now they were so hyper and active but still cute as a button! I love them to bits! I just wanna share with you guys my dear little loved ones.



Em said...

Love the photos of Johan @ 5mos and Nina @ 8mos. Toothless grins never fail to make me smile :)

jen said...

haha!thanks ms. em!:D

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