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The Blogger

Hi! My name's Jen, I'm the one who writes this stuff. I'm located somewhere in Metro Manila, Philippines. An ordinary employee during office hours and a mom/wife after dark. I blog in between those hours whenever my schedule permits me.

The Blog

This blog started late July 2011. The reason why I've put up this blog is because I'm tired of just reading other's blog and can't even comment or leave a reaction for every blog post that I've read. I want to interact with bloggers and fellow beauty/makeup enthusiasts and share my thoughts and opinions with people with the same interests. I'm neither a professional makeup artist nor beauty guru of some sort so what I write here is basically from my own experiences and honest opinions. I blog about anything that fascinates or interests me which I'm going to share to everyone. :)

All photos are taken by me and copyrighted unless otherwise stated so please ask permission first before using them.

I got the title Late Bloomed because me, myself is a self-confessed late bloomer. Being a twenty-something girl, motherhood came first before adulthood for me. I got my firstborn at 18 and then another for the following year. The times when a girl is supposed to turn into a woman, I leaped to motherhood instead. :D But hell, I'm happy and contented! So ditch the drama. :P

Just FYI :

To help you with my reviews, here are some of information and imperfections of me (of course I'm not perfect! who the hell is, anyway?)

  • I'm a Filipino with a natural dark brown hair
  • my hair has its own issue, its sometimes dry other times oily
  • I don't usually color/bleach my hair
  • my skin is a combination of dry and oily
  • I'm also prone to black/whiteheads and some minor breakouts
  • my skin tone is between light-medium and  has a warm yellow undertones
  • lastly, I having eczema from time to time now that started when I was a kid that can be prevented with moisturization and treated with steroid creams (usually occurs on my feet) 
So that's it! I hope this will helpful for everybody and cleared anything that troubles you. :) Feel free to ask anything that  I haven't explained here yet and let me hear your opinions and suggestion! :D

If you're a reader and want to ask me anything or a business owner or PR interested in sponsoring/collaborating with my blog click here for further information.

I hope you enjoy visiting my blog and please do come back again soon! Stay pretty! :)
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