Friday, July 29, 2011

First Post!

Long time ago..*clears throat*Fine,a couple of years ago on one fine day,while surfing the net i discovered this thing called blog.No,not just an ordinary blog.But a beauty blog.So that's how it started..

Not this blog,but my kinda little addiction of reading/pseudofollowing(cause i'm not an official follower)various beauty blogs.I'm amazed by these beautiful women,they inspire me a lot.Despite of their busy schedules(some of them are professionals,some are students)they find time to create those blogs.

But as years pass by,I got tired of just reading blogs of different people.I even came to a point when I don't want to read any post from blogs that I usually visit almost everyday.Then I thought,why not make my own blog?Actually,it's not just now that I thought of doing so.But I never had a chance to make it.Or maybe I'm not ready?

Anyhow,whatever reason it is,I've already made it!So here it is!My own beauty blog.This is my first post so I'm not going to make it long.I just wanna let you know my reason of putting up this blog.Happy reading!:) 

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